The brand in interactive dialogue

Dialog marketing was a new concept in 2000 that enabled digital exchange with customers.

Recording is rewarding. That’s how it was already in 2000: I found one of my oldest specialist book publications in the field of online marketing and “online trade”. The book was published just in time for the new millennium. I think I wanted to make sure that important about digital marketing for the new millennium is available before it begins.

Events und E-Commerce - Buch aus dem Springer Verlag
A book dinosaur: “Events and e-commerce” as an e-book in Google Play

This book was first published in 2000, but it has been reprinted since then. For instance, there are some 2013 editions of the book from Springer Verlag Heidelberg still available on Amazon. Google Play also has digital copies of this if you don’t feel like turning to a traditional work for a flashback.

“Events and E-Commerce” is a summary of articles on the subject of customer loyalty and brand management on the Internet. At the time my article was published, many people called the internet “World Wide Web”. It is known today as web 1.0 because it had only very few social features.

Screenshot 2022 02 01 062848
A review of the book “Events and E-Commerce” on Amazon

What do I think about my publication today? Learn something new every day! I reread this old article of mine and have to say that it’s a lot better than I remember! It looks like a lot of people had good things to say about the book as well

Conclusion: My impression is that we’re always changing the packaging instead of trying to find something new. We could go faster, but innovation quality would suffer because it’s too hard to produce something new.

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