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Recent articles published in Sascha Schulz’ “Rethink Future” Blog

  • Knowledge for adults: micro or macro?
    Would dinosaurs have survived with SEO know-how or with better project management?
  • The brand in interactive dialogue
    Dialog marketing was a new concept in 2000 that enabled digital exchange with customers.
  • Art is everything
    Why do we so often underestimate our creative potential, overestimate the importance of art schools and reputation – and when will we finally start to live digital autonomy as artists and get rich?
  • No buzz with the bullshit clicks?
    Why I would simply switch off YouTube for so called “Camera Gurus”
  • Where is the Metaverse please?
    Mark, please give my mom augmented reality implants!
  • Influencer Marketing 20.22
    Discovered, experienced, desired. Leading the way with influencer marketing and online PR as an established brand, aspiring Amazon Merchant or Dropshipper?
  • In Search of Relevance
    Relevance is the new currency. Relevance is the new excellence! And that’s what many older people, and certainly the young, don’t understand now. Let’s start with those born after 1990…
  • Better first impression? Design your own masks!
    Mouth and nose masks are required by the authorities in many places. Why self-designed masks not only make you stand out from the crowd, but can also be interesting from the point of view of “(self-) marketing”.

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